"Sizzling with every performance"

-The Los Angeles Sentinel

 Not only does she have great pipes
and dance moves
...but on the guitar?

   - The Robben
Ford Discussion

    "Sizzling with every performance"

-The Los Angeles Sentinel

 Not only does she have great pipes
and dance moves
...but on the guitar?

   - The Robben
Ford Discussion

    "Sizzling with every performance"

-The Los Angeles Sentinel

 Not only does she have great pipes
and dance moves
...but on the guitar?

   - The Robben
Ford Discussion

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""Commanding a
performance that
 left everyone with jaws
that were dropping
 to the floor,
she left stage
as quietly
and as modestly
as she came."

- The Los Angeles
 Sentinel Newspaper
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"She is one
of the most versatile, throat-cuttin' bad, funky, hip-hop
 and jazzy guitarist
 in the nation,
bar none"

-Noteworthy Magazine

LadyMac: A Message & A Mission

Through out  my life I have been studying  Life, and the Human Condition. Being deeply  drawn to merging with The DIVINE, like many of you ,the inequities of humanity against humanity sorely troubled me.

Aware and apprehending from infancy that I had a special life-mission, I sought a way to help. 

As always I sought the answers from The DIVINE. And was awe-struck as I received them.

And not just answers for myself; I received messages for others;

messages that came true!  

Join me here for a candid, intimate conversation.
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Black Music Hall of Fame inductee, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, electrifying lead guitarist, Lois " LadyMac" McMorris has long been "vibing people" with her playing, her standing-ovation performances and her own brand of music.

Coming from a inclusive,renaissance -esque background, her musical sensibilities and honed application strongly expresses multiple genres ranging from jazz to rock; from ethereal classical to jubilant funk; from shades of blues to cerebral avant-garde; from the Old School to New Age.

Simply put, she calls her music, funky-hip-hop jazz and all the rest is juice.

Her guitar work has been lauded by a plethora of artists such as legendary jazz master-guitarist, Kenny Burrell   "... [she's] great; an artist in her own right. And can sing too".

Legendary Blues icon, guitarist/singer , B.B. King was quoted in The Los Angeles Sentinel as exclaiming, "The girl is super-bad!".

Grammy Award winner Prince asked "May I touch your guitar?" after seeing her play ( The Reader).

As a big-stage co-headliner at the prestigious John Anson Ford Theater in Hollywood CA, Lady garnered rave reviews for her in-concert  standing-ovation performance on the Instrumental Women's Project show, Lady Jazz: Blues in the Summertime.

Televised and aired on LA 36, her performance to the
sold-out house set off tremors of it's own as reviewer, Leroy Downs of The Jazzcat enthused"Talk about some kick a** guitar, Lois "LadyMac" McMorris was slinging, slamming and gyrating that axe so hard she could take out a forest with one swing of the hips and a stroke on the strings. Obviously she had a thing for Jimi and perfected it extremely well" 

A former Playboy Jazz Festival headliner, Miss Mac  regales  and engages audiences with her
electrifying solos, mystical rhythms, haunting harmonies and sensuous vocals while imparting "messages from The Spirit".

She has co-headlined with Grammy Award winner, singer Al Jarreau as well as singer Howard Hewitt. In Hollywood, her name-in-lights, she starred as a co-headliner in "An Evening with Four Ladies of Music" with Tony Award winner, Broadway star Linda Hopkins.

She toured in Europe with rapper Coolio; recorded in LA on rapper Skeelo's  single. Additionally, recorded and appeared in-concert with a multiplicity of artists  characteristic of the broad-spectrum of her musical genre expertise,  including being on Back To Jazz with  the legendary Johnny Otis, concert performances with Motown's Mandre, the seminal father of techno-funk i.e. Mandre 3000  and having "scorched" on the vintage avant-garde jazz album, Ice Cold, to name but a few.

As a CD artist Atma Records released a well-received EP appetizer, LadyMac One:1

Her world musical performances have taken her across the globe to various countries including Germany, Thailand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Canada and Korea.

As she traveled she observed the universality of humanity amid the diversity of it's expression. And amid her travels her life work began to emerge.

An accomplished guitarist, Lady began playing it at the tender age of 10. Since the age of 4 she exhibited strong musical gifts, playing the piano, flute, upright & electric bass and clarinet before finally connecting to the one instrument that gave her "too much feeling" - the guitar. 

She is a lead guitarist. However she also plays rhythm guitar, upright and electric bass and keyboards
. She is a musician, vocalist, performer, actress, producer, composer, arranger, dancer and lyricist.

Ms McMorris is a multi-gifted artist. An accomplished drawer, including portraiture, she is also gallery-exhibiting painter, having had her works exhibited in museums as well as being in private collections across the nation.

Her sculpture skills have been awarded and recognized. Additionally, she is a  graphic designer, creative architectural designer and illustrator visionary.     
Having the ability to  draw what she sees and what she thinks
and experiences, has coalesced with her other gifts into a multi-media, multi-sensory presentation that is for such a time as this - the Vision Time.    

She is author and a poetess with several works, The Passages of The Transcendental Ant, an futuristic anthology of poetic works, The Littlest Biggest Christmas, a childrens  book and has written sundry essays .

Born with a veil or caul over her face, Ms.McMorris has experienced a life-long procession of "para-normal/ spiritual ", multi-dimensional events that painted a broad inclusive tapestry of Oneness-of-All with the Divine Presence.

She has traveled to various parts of the world entertaining, mesmerizing and being mesmerized; experiencing the power of music; the power of Divine Love, sometimes being "a conduit for The Divine" for a healing or  "shift" in others and herself.

Something was going on.

Something amazing and beautiful.

And there is more

Ms. McMorris is a Certified Second Degree Reiki Healer,Tao recipient, A Natural Healer, Clairvoyant,  Prophetic Messenger, Natural Clear, Hearer of The Holy Spirit. It is only now that Ms. McMorris has been guided to reveal and share these gifts for the positive consciousness injection into the collective consciousness
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"Sizzling with
every performance'

- The Los Angeles
Sentinel News

"Wow !
Not only does she
 have great pipes

and dance moves
...but on the guitar?

   - The Robben

"LadyMac held
the audience

-Black Radio

"LadyMac was the
 star of the day"

- Los Angeles Times

"She's a female
 George Benson with
a taste of B.B. King"
- The LA Sentinel

"LadyMac ripped off
a series of solos that

blazed with images
of Jimi Hendrix
and Kevin Eubanks"

- LA Times

"What sets her apart,
besides her sizzling
sultry fly looks
and spiritual and
inspirational vibe
is her ability
to both

'dig in and just play'
and express a
'showtime sensibility'
in the the way she
 moves &  dresses"

-The Reader

Check out https://loisladymacmcmorris.bandcamp.com/track/sistah-line 
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